In the v1 API, each API user was automatically assigned a single API key, that was linked with the account.

In the v2 API, Account Owner or Admin may generate the custom token on the API management page in your AppFollow account.

Authentication to the API occurs using HTTP Headers. Provide your API token in the Header. All API requests must be made over HTTPS. Calls made over plain HTTP will fail. You must authenticate for all requests.


  1. The v1 API is located at, while the v2 API is located at

  2. Authorization token should be added to the Header.

curl -i -X GET \
'' \

API Token generation

You authenticate to the AppFollow API by providing one of your secret API tokens in the request. Any request performed using one of your API tokens will be billed on your account so be sure to keep them secret!

New API token management system is available with API v2.

By going to the API Dasboard in AppFollow, the Account Owner and Admin will be able to:

  • Create new tokens
  • Customize access levels for the tokens
    General: Read/write/delete access for all workspaces
    Advanced: Read/write/delete access for the specific workspaces
  • Revoke tokens
  • Create sandbox tokens (will be available later). Only 1 sandbox token can exist at the same time. No credits are being deducted for this token, rate limit is applied, and response is limited.

Token will be visible after creation and after that, only for the account Admin and Owner, it will be possible to see the token.


Token will stop working only if Admin or Owner manually revokes it.

Multiple API tokens

It is possible to create several tokens with different titles and permissions, to use in various services. Every token will have its own statistics and reports.

Tokens roles and permissions

It is possible to grant different permissions for the different tokens, i.e.
Token 01 — Read-only access to Workspace 01
Token 02 — Read and write access to Workspace 02
Token 03 — Full access to any workspace