Methods cost and availability


Please note

  • Every method has its own price in API Credits
  • Methods availability depends on your AppFollow subscription
GroupMethodRequired planCreditsPricingEndpoint
GENERAL Workspaces listFree1per requestGET /v2/account/apps
List of apps from the workspaceFree1per requestGET /v2/account/apps/app
Add workspaceBusiness1per requestPOST /v2/account/apps
Remove workspaceBusiness1per requestDELETE /v2/account/apps
Add appBusiness1per requestPOST /v2/account/apps/app
Remove appBusiness1per requestDELETE /v2/account/apps/app
Remaining credits (Work in progress)Business 1 per request GET /v2/account/api/credits
Usage statistics (Work in progress)Business 1 per request GET /v2/account/api/credits
USERSUsers listBusiness1per requestGET /v2/account/users
Add userBusiness1per requestPOST /v2/account/users
Remove userBusiness1per requestDELETE /v2/account/users
Update userBusiness1per requestPATCH /v2/account/users
REVIEWSReviews feedEngage / Monitor — Free (Last 50 reviews)
Engage / Monitor — Team (All reviews)
10per page (100 reviews on page)GET /v2/reviews
Review Tags Update
(set tags for review)
Engage — Business10per reviewPOST /v2/reviews/tag
Review Notes UpdateEngage — Business10per reviewPOST /v2/reviews/notes
Featured ReviewsEngage — Business10per appGET /v2/reviews/featured
Report a concernEngage — Business10per reviewPOST /v2/reviews/concern
Reviews Semantic TagsEngage — Business100per page (100 reviews on page)GET /v2/reviews/semantic
(number of reviews and replies)
Monitor — Team10per every 30 daysGET /v2/reviews/stats
Stat reviews rating
(avg rating by reviews, grouped by users and tags)
Yesterday by default
Monitor — Team10per requestGET /v2/reviews/stats/ratings
Stat reviews by version
(number of reviews by tags and versions for a day)
Yesterday by default
Monitor — Team10per requestGET /v2/reviews/stats/version
Review custom statusEngage — Business10per reviewPOST /v2/reviews/status
REPLIESReview Reply
(App Store and Google Play)
Engage — Team10per replyPOST /v2/reviews/reply
Stat reviews replies
(number of replies grouped by user + total by days)
Engage — Business10per request
+ 10 per day
GET /v2/reviews/stats/replies
Stat replies speed
(reply time by user by days)
Yesterday by default
Engage — Business10per requestGET /v2/reviews/stats/replies/speed
Replies statistics
(became worse / became better)
Last 30 days by default
Engage — Business10per request
+ 10 per day
GET /v2/reviews/stats/replies/count
RATINGSRatings for the dayMonitor — Team10per dateGET /v2/meta/ratings
Ratings for the periodMonitor — Team10per request + 10 per every 30 daysGET /v2/meta/ratings/export
(app versions with changes)
Accelerate — Free10per requestGET /v2/meta/versions
What's New
(release notes)
Accelerate — Free10per requestGET /v2/meta/versions/whatsnew
App update timeline (Pending method)50per every 30 days
RANKINGSApp category rankingsAccelerate — Free10per requestGET /v2/meta/rankings
Public top chartsAccelerate — Team10per requestGET /v2/charts/topcharts
FEATUREDFeatured Apps
(App Store)
Accelerate — Team10per request
+ 10 per 30 days
GET /v2/aso/featured
Featured Apps
(Google Play)
Pending method
10 per request
+ 10 per 30 days
ASO RESEARCHASO Keyword Research
(Store suggestions)
Accelerate — Team5per requestGET /v2/aso/suggests
ASO Search
(Store search results)
Accelerate — Team10per requestGET /v2/aso/search
ASO Search Ads keyword recommendationsAccelerate — Team10per requestGET /v2/aso/search_ads
ASO REPORTSASO Reports App Store
(Downloads by channel)
Accelerate — Team10per requestGET /v2/reports/aso
ASO Reports Google Play
(Downloads by channel
Accelerate — Team10per requestGET /v2/reports/aso/gdc
ASO Reports App Store Search Ads StatisticsAccelerate — Team10per requestGET /v2/reports/aso/search_ads
Downloads by keywords
(Pending method)
50per request
Ranked keywords
(Pending method)
50per request
KEYWORDS (FROM THE WORKSPACE)List of keywords with positions from the WorkspaceAccelerate — Team10per requestGET /v2/aso/keywords
Edit keywords in WorkspaceAccelerate — Team5per requestPOST /v2/aso/keywords
DOWNLOADS AND REVENUE (OWN APPS)Downloads & RevenueAccelerate — Free10per request
+ 10 per every day
GET /v2/meta/downloads/revenue
Subscriptions ReportAccelerate — Free10per request
+ 10 per every day
GET /v2/retports/subscriptions