If you need help with any of these errors, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

Error MessageDescription
Bad ParameterOne of the parameters in your request is invalid. For example, the ext_id of your app is invalid.
Invalid Country/DateOur API uses the ISO 3166 format for countries (two-letter country code) and the ISO 8601 (year-month-day) format for dates.
Access DeniedPlease check that your account has access to the API method you are trying to use and that the API token has the necessary permissions.
429 ErrorToo many API requests for the time period. Our current limit is 1000 API requests per hour.
Timeout ErrorsThis can happen when the request you are trying to make is too big. Please try to limit your request to a shorter date range.
Invalid API TokenThe API token doesn't have the required permissions or the token no longer exists.
Not enough API CreditsYour account doesn't have the required number of credits to make the request.
Internal Server ErrorProblems with the API endpoint or a problem in the API request itself. Please check that all parameters are correct and also take a look at our Status page for any outages.
Access Denied for app or collectionYou are trying to access data for an app and/or a workspace that you don't have access to.
*Integration Not FoundYour account doesn't have the required integration for the request (eg: ASO integration, Search ads integration etc.)
*Integration ErrorOne of your integrations between AppFollow and your app's store is not working correctly.