According to the monthly credit limit, each team with a paid API account is allowed a fixed number of requests per subscription period. Your current API limits will be converted to monthly credits.

Credits as a payment method

Every API method has its price per request in Credits.
The credit balance will be updated monthly at the beginning of the new billing period. So if you run out of credits, it's possible to upgrade the API plan, get the new limits and the new billing period start date.

Method cost calculation

Basic requests have a fixed price in credits, i.e., getting the keyword's search results costs N credits.
Request with the period in it requires additional credits, according to the selected time period, i.e. to get keyword data ranking for a year, requiring N credits for the request and X credits for every month in the request (Total N + 12*X).
For the complete pricing chart please refer to the Documentation part.

Rate limits

  • 1000 requests per hour for the single API token

If you exceeded the rate limit, the response code will be equal to 429, and the remaining time will be noted in the response header Retry-After (value is in seconds).

Methods availability by plan

See the Pricing section.